Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time for a Change of Scenery

For those of you who may stumble upon this blog in the next few weeks, I hope that you will not only enjoy my weekly updates on all things sports, but will also find some time to join in the conversation. I got started blogging for Butler University's Dawg Pound (Student Section) where I functioned as President during my undergraduate career. Now that I have graduated, it is time for someone else to take over the Dawg Pound blog and for me to move onto a broader range of sports topics. I copied over some of my favorite topics that I covered the past Butler athletic season and encourage anyone interested in reading more of my blog posts to visit

As the title of the new blog suggests - I am an avid sports fan, participant and conversationalist who, like many people, has an opinion when it comes to athletics. I hope that this blog not only provides informed sporting news, but will also allow for all opinions to be heard and shared. My personal passions remain with college basketball and soccer, but will continue to monitor the entire sporting world for worthy stories to discuss.

So until my first update, remember that it's only a game.

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